Regional Rules and Guidelines

The objective of An Coimisiún is to preserve and promote Irish Dancing including step dancing, céilí dancing and other team dancing. While its main function is the promotion of Irish Dance, it is also the aim of An Coimisiún to promote the Irish language in association with Conradh na Gaeilge (CLRG: 2013)

All rules & regulations can be found on the CLRG Website:

Connacht Rules on Bun & Tus Grad:
– Competitors in Bun and Tus grad may only wear School costumes, dress, or skirt and top.
– The use of make-up, fake tan and wigs is not permissible

Connacht Rules on Prelim:
– Preliminary Championships are confined to competitors who have not been placed in the top 5in an Open Championship judged by 3 or more adjudicators.
– The dancer must not have qualified for the World Championships in the past two years (with the exception of boys who are eligible if they qualified but were not placed in the top 3 at their Regional Oireacthas and who otherwise fulfill the Prelim criteria).
– Dancer must have not recalled in the actual Championship at the All-Ireland’s in the previous two years.
– Competitors must not have won a Preliminary Championship more than two times in the current year.
– If the dancer has not succeeded in placing in the top 5 but has won two Preliminary Championships in the current year, they are eligible to dance preliminary again this following year.